LMT Launcher 0.2 released!



As of a few days ago, my Multitouch launcher was released, and today, v 0.2 is released.

It has been developed in co-operation with noname81 from XDA-Developers, and is available for download now on XDA-Developers.


It features a few more gestures than shown in the video above, including arrows and a “learn” mode.

– DoubleSquare: Close LMT
– DoubleQuestionMark: Learn mode; the following gesture will be connected to the process related to the foreground window. Next time the gesture is done, LMT will start the connected process
– DoubleLineUp: Close the current process
– DoubleLineDown: Connect e.g. to TaskFacade as a “Multitouch Taskmanager”
– DoubleLineLeft, DoubleLineRight
– DoubleArrowLeft, DoubleArrowRight

It also features the ability to send “back” messages when in things like Opera, so you can swipe to go back a page 🙂

It can be downloaded from here.

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