Live Mesh coming to Windows Mobile this week!


28, 2008

One of our readers alerted us to the news that a new Live Mesh beta is coming this week, and that this release will finally bring a Windows Mobile client.

Live Mesh provides downloadable software for PC’s and a service on the Web that provides access to all your files and various web applications from whatever device you are using. Examples would be having your photos automatically synchronized between your mobile phone, desktop and digital photo frame, and also then being able to view your photos online from any web browser wherever you are.

Live Mesh is going into open Beta over the course of this week and includes several new features that enhance the experience by giving users more control, increased reliability, and improved performance. Next year, Live Mesh will be utilized in the next major release of Windows Live.

Instructions for accessing the Windows Mobile client will be made available from the Live Mesh blog later in the week.

Thanks Mark Roddis for the tip.

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