Live Mesh applications – Live becomes very interesting

by Surur
September 8, 2008 is reporting that they were able to get a demo of future Live Mesh functionality, and of where Microsoft intends to go with the Live Mesh operating system. Angus Logan – Senior Technical Program Manager for Windows Live Platform – gave them a quick look into applications running on the Live Mesh platform.

The showed of a shopping list application running in the browser when visiting the Live Mesh site, and also the same “web” application running on the desktop looking like a normal application, running in a “chromeless” Internet Explorer web page. Because your data is constantly synchronized you will be able to use the application even when off-line. In this way this clearly competes with Google Gears, with the same functionality.

Where of course this gets interesting for Windows Mobile is that Live Mesh is also coming to Windows Mobile, as is IE6, meaning even Windows Mobile will be able to run the same web applications as on the desktop, and when supported by technologies like silverlight these applications could be pretty functional.


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