Little Nightmares is getting a littler and more nightmarish prequel in the form of Very Little Nightmares, a game specifically for iOS devices.

Very Little Nightmares is described as a ‘mobile puzzle adventure game’ where the player must guide The Girl in The Yellow Raincoat as she tries to escape from a mysterious and confusing mansion.

The game apparently reveals more about the backstory of The Girl in The Yellow Raincoat, also known as Six, who’s also the protagonist of Little Nightmares.

In Little Nightmares, Six is a little girl who’s trapped in the deepest and darkest depths of The Maw. Six is starving, alone, and confused. It’s up to the player to help Six out of The Maw while discovering the horrific secrets behind it all and also get rid of her hunger pangs. The game is a puzzle-platformer horror with delightfully grotesque graphics and a terrifying atmosphere.

Very Little Nightmares, developed by Alike Studio, is set in The Nest, a ‘vast palace’ filled with life-threatening traps. It appears to have more isometric-esque graphics than the first game, which takes a little bit of the terrifying edge off.

There’s currently no set release date for Very Little Nightmares, but you can pre-register here to be one of the first people to learn the release date and other exclusive news about the game.

Sources: YouTube and Bandai Namco.