List of games which run better on Xbox One X than PlayStation 4 Pro

Update: We’ve updated the list with more games. Many games on PlayStation 4 Pro employ dynamic resolution so that’s listed in the notes. Also, at the moment Titanfall 2 runs at 3200p on Xbox One X, that’s around 6K resolution. They just supersample to a 4K display so that’s why we wrote 2160p as that’s the output of the Xbox One X. We suspect that all games will run better on Xbox One X because developers like The Coalition, Monolith and others managed to port their titles to the device in a day. For example, Middle-earth: Shadow of War was ported to Xbox One X in less than a day. Games like Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are also going to run at 4K on Xbox One X but we aren’t sure if they’re checkerboarded or not. Lastly, a game like Killing Floor 2 runs at native 1800p on Xbox One X and checkerboarded 1800p on PlayStation 4 Pro.

When the Xbox One X was announced, Microsoft made the claim that it would feature the best version of console games. That’s actually true because even standard Xbox One games will feature more stable frame rates and better anisotropic filtering. However, what about games that take advantage of the unique architecture of the upcoming console? Ones that utilize the Xbox One X’s 2 TFLOPS advantage over the PlayStation 4 Pro? Well, we’re going to be looking at the roughly 50 known multiplatform games which have promised significant upgrades for Microsoft’s device. Here are some of the games that look and run better on Xbox One X.

Research into each game and verifying the resolution on Xbox One X takes time so we’re starting with only 11 games. It’s also important to note that the table is based on current information. For example, Ark: Survival Evolved may get a 4K 30 FPS mode once the Xbox One X development tools are finished come October. Additionally, Microsoft recently decided to allow game makers to utilize 9 GB GDDR5 RAM for their experiences. Our goal here is to give you the most complete list with the most up-to-date and accurate information. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the information and types of titles we’ve included in the list and come back regularly for future updates.

For those wondering about Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Need for Speed Payback on PlayStation 4 Pro, the developers said that they were “trying” to include as many of the bells and whistles found on the Xbox One X versions. It’s too early to tell. From what we understood, they’re going to be upscaled and have less detail. Need for Speed Payback will “take full advantage of the Xbox One X” so the resolution probably won’t be native 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro or have as many effects. We’ll update you on this as we approach their release dates.

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