LinkedIn open sources Bluepill, a reliable iOS testing tool



LinkedIn today announced that they are open sourcing Bluepill, a reliable iOS testing tool that runs UI tests using multiple simulators on a single machine. LinkedIn today mentioned in their that Bluepill has saved thousands of developer hours, and it will help anyone running iOS UI tests at scale. This tool is written in Objective-C, and is built on top of Apple’s CoreSimulator framework.

The main features supported are:

  • Running tests in parallel by using multiple simulators.
  • Automatically packing tests into groups with similar running time.
  • Running tests in headless mode to reduce memory consumption.
  • Generating a junit report after each test run.
  • Reporting test running stats, including test running speed and environment robustness.
  • Retrying when the Simulator hangs or crashes.

Bluepill code is now available on Github.

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