LinkedIn announces new polls feature

May 12, 2020

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LinkedIn today announced the new polls feature, allowing LinkedIn members to gather feedback easily. LinkedIn claims that you can create a poll in just 30 seconds and collect insights from your network. You can also get real time information such as how many votes have been cast thus far, results for each option, and how much time is left for voting. Also, only the poll creator can see who voted and what they cast their vote for.

Here’s how LinkedIn polls work:

  • Start a new post and click the “Create a Poll” option in the chooser menu
  • Type your question, enter up to four answer options, and select the poll’s duration—between 24 hours and up to two weeks
  • Write up a post to go along with your poll—you can include hashtags to help your poll get more attention
  • Push the poll live to either your connections, specific Groups you’re in, or to anyone across the LinkedIn network. By targeting specific Groups with your poll, you can get even more relevant insights – for example, if you are in a Group for marketers, you could ask about the group member’s favorite tool for email marketing management.

Source: LinkedIn

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