LinkedIn introduces new creator-centered tools to help users create more visual posts

August 12, 2022

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New LinkedIn tools for creators: Clickable Link, Templates, and Carousels
New LinkedIn tools for creators: Clickable Link, Templates, and Carousels

With the rise of creators and influencers, LinkedIn decided it needed to take a different path and make its platform more friendly for the said group of individuals. In its latest blog post, the business and employment-oriented online company announced that it will be introducing a set of new tools that will allow creators to share more visual content.

One of the tools is the “clickable link” that will allow creators to add links to images and videos they are posting. LinkedIn said it would help creators drive traffic to their websites, accounts, or even events and newsletters, whether on or off LinkedIn. The feature will be available in the coming weeks and can be used by clicking the “Add a link” icon when you create a new post on mobile with an image or video.

Also, in the coming weeks, LinkedIn users will now be able to use the “Templates” feature, which will basically help their short word posts pop better through different fonts and background colors. It can soon be accessed by tapping “Post” on mobile and then the “Use a template” option. 

Lastly, LinkedIn announced that users can now try the “Carousels” feature, which, as you would expect, follows the same concept we’ve seen on other social media apps. It would allow users to mix images and videos to present them in a swipeable manner.

With all that, is LinkedIn trying what Instagram is doing to be more like TikTok? Probably. The company has seen the wide reach of the creator community on the internet and trying to court them. It even allocated a $25 million creator fund back in September last year to ensure attracting such individuals, but Keren Baruch, Product Lead for Creator Strategy at LinkedIn, said the move was pushed due to a “20% increase YoY in people adding visual content in their posts on LinkedIn.” Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure: LinkedIn is bumping up its game on professional networking.

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