LinkedIn announces Talent Hub, a new candidate management experience for mid-sized companies


10, 2018

LinkedIn already has several talent solutions like LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Insights and more. Today, LinkedIn announced LinkedIn Talent Hub, a new candidate management experience targeting the needs of mid-sized companies. The new Talent Hub will offer hiring teams complete visibility into every stage of the hiring process and how candidates have engaged. It will also deliver insights about the candidates, the talent pool, and the market at every stage of the hiring process. Companies will be able to do the following using the new Talent Hub.

  • Open reqs and determine job targeting
  • Source candidates via Recruiter Search
  • Manage your complete pipeline
  • Schedule interviews
  • Collect feedback from hiring committees
  • Extend offers to candidates

LinkedIn is already piloting the new Talent Hub with 20 customers. The pilot program will start in January and it will be globally available later next year. LinkedIn today also announced new insights to help companies plan for, hire, and develop inclusive teams. LinkedIn is announcing a Gender tab in the Company Report in LinkedIn Talent Insights, integrated gender insights across Talent Pool reports in Talent Insights to give you real-time gender representation information and more. You can read more about diversity related features here.

Source: LinkedIn

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