Linked inboxes return to Windows 10 Mobile in the latest update


14, 2015


Microsoft’s Windows 10 mail app, despite being generally superior to the Windows Phone 8 iteration, lacked one important feature for users of multpile email accounts – Linked inboxes.

A linked inbox feature meant that no matter how many inboxes you had, you could quickly access them through the same inbox without having to jump throough hoops or open a hamburger menu (in Windows 10 mobile).

Microsoft has now returned this feature to the app in the latest update, allowng users to now link their inboxes as they always could.

To insiders, it is a feature that has been returned. To normal users who update OTA later this year,  it never left. To desktop Windows 10 users, it is a dream unrealized.

Download the app from the store link below.

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