L’i’Messenger–new Messenger client for Windows Phone 7: Update–being removed from Marketplace soon–get it while its still there!


26, 2011

lmess2 lmess

C&R Holdings Limited have released a new MSN Messenger client for Windows Phone 7.  The software, which sports features such as Facebook chat support and Multiple Points of Presence  and connects directly to Microsoft servers, is free, not just in cost, but also of ads.

Unfortunately due to connecting directly with Microsoft’s servers the software does not support any form of notification – for this we will likely have to wait for an app from Microsoft directly.

Download the client from Marketplace here.

Update: Compulim has just told us they have been asked to remove the app from marketplace.  They did not say why, but I bet its due to the use of trademarked terms.  If you were thinking of getting the app, I suggest doing so right now!

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