Like everyone else, the Surface Pro 8 has gained some weight over the last year

by Surur
September 22, 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 8

This year’s Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 8, is a massive upgrade over the Surface Pro 7 and 7+, but there is one area where the device has certainly gone backwards.

This year’s Surface Pro 8 clocks in at a hefty 889g, compared to 770g for the Surface Pro 7+.

There appear to be two reasons for the 15% weight gain.

One is that the battery capacity has seen a significant boost, from 47 Wh to a good  51.5Wh.

The other reason is not as welcome. Microsoft has moved away from Magnesium alloy to Aluminium for the case, which is significantly heavier.

Of course one could argue 120g is no big deal, but the tablet is rapidly growing into the same weight range as a slim and light laptop, with the LG Gram for example clocking in at only 980g, and that is with a full keyboard, while the powerful LG Ultra PC also weighs only 980g.

Microsoft pioneered Magnesium Alloy cases, and it is a shame to see the company move away from this.

Do our readers feel the Surface Pro 8 is losing its portability advantage? Let us know below.

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