LG – Windows Mobile 7 coming to US in September

by Surur
January 16, 2010

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It seems LG just can not keep the lid on the Windows Mobile 7 news, despite Microsoft’s best efforts to keep a lid on the news.

In the latest revelation they told a French tech blogger Presse-Citron who was participating in a design session at LG Design Labs that they expect to release Windows Mobile 7 in September.

Of course this news was promptly tweeted, but has since been deleted.  Fortunately Google’s cache is a bit slower in doing it, and the tweet can at the moment still be seen if you search for Presse Citron’s tweets.

In the background of Microsoft’s rumour control efforts which is convincing many that Windows Mobile 7 will not be announced at Mobile World Congress, this is certainly welcome news.

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Are you still expecting WM7 at MWC?  Let us know below.

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