LG has released a new video on its YouTube channel showcasing the latest UX 9.0 UI and it looks oddly similar to Samsung’s new OneUI. The video was made available on YouTube earlier today and has shown some new features coming to LG devices soon.

With the new UX 9.0 UI, LG smartphones will get new redesigned 1st party apps like contacts and gallery along with a system-wide dark mode. As mentioned above, the UI looks similar to Samsung’s new OneUI but it does bring some handy features to LG devices like better one-handed use and more unified design which looks much better than the existing design.

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Unfortunately, LG’s video didn’t reveal anything about the rollout of the new UI. However, the video captions did mention “optimised for the LG G8X ThinQ” so it’s safe to say that LG will make the update available for G8X soon.