LG brings full Windows 10 to your fridge door

lg fridge

Samsung’s Family Hub running Android

At CES 2016 Samsung showed off a refrigerator with a 21.5 inch tablet built-in called the Family Hub which ran Android but had a Windows 10 Start-screen like UI.

Arch rival LG has decided to one-up Samsung with their own 21.5 inch tablet in a fridge door solution with the LG Smart Instaview Signature fridge with full Windows 10.

LG showed the kitchen appliance off at IFA in Germany where the screen superficially only appears to let you peer inside your fridge without opening the door by simply knocking on the screen.

The usual user interface lets you can drag and drop icons over different foods, letting you set simple countdown timer/expiration dates or add health facts you’d like to remember or even point out specific items to other family members.

Underneath it is a full Windows 10 PC which lets you use the Edge browser to visit cooking websites, install applications and even watch Netflix or play Pandora while you cook.

Even better the screen supports Cortana, which we know gets better with each passing month.

The LG Smart Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator will start rolling out towards the end of this year or early 2017, and the price has not been released yet, but with the bottom of the Instaview range starting at around $4,299 it is well into the aspirational range.

See two video demos of the interesting appliance below.

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