Lenovo Working On Yoga Tablet, It Will Be The World’s Thinnest Windows Tablet With Longest Standby Battery Life

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Following the success of Yoga Windows 8 Ultrabooks, Lenovo is expanding their Yoga brand to tablets. Yes, Lenovo is working on a Yoga Windows tablet that will have some new form factor in which it will have two small stands on the sides. This “leg” like stands can somehow stand itself up, I guess we will understand how exactly it works when we see it in action. Lenovo SVP and head of China, Chen Xudong, on Sina Weibo confirmed that Lenovo is launching this tablet next month.

Yoga tablet will be powered by Intel Bay Trail processor, and will also take the title of becoming the world’s slimmest tablet with the longest standby battery life. We have to wait till next month to see whether Yoga tablet will “revolutionize” the tablet market or not.

via: Ubergizmo, Sina Weibo (1), (2)