Lenovo: Windows RT tablets will be priced “at very aggressive price points”


Our post saying that a $199 price point for a Surface RT tablet was doable was met with much disagreement, but has received some support from an unexpected corner.

David Schmoock, head of Lenovo’s North America operations has been one of the few who has commented on the pricing of the upcoming Windows 8 and RT tablets.

“RT will play in consumer and retail at very aggressive price points,”he said. “It will do well but it’s going to be more of a consumer price point play to begin with,” he told Bloomberg.

He said Windows 8 tablets, which he expected to target at business, will retail for $600-$700, lower that the $899 price point many expected as competitive with Ultrabooks.

Windows RT tablets would be targeted at consumers, will retail for $200 to $300 less than competing products using Windows 8 software, pegging the price at between $300 and $400.

Microsoft of course will not be subject to the licensing fees for Office and Windows RT which push up the price of their RT tablets, not are they compelled to make a profit,  making a $199 Windows RT tablet extremely possible.

Read more at Bloomberg here.