Lenovo Voice is an ambitious voice assistant for Windows 10 that, if it worked, could put Cortana to shame

Lenovo Voice is a digital voice assistant by Lenovo for Windows 10 which offers a  number of interesting voice-based features.

It offers the ability to translate languages in real-time, transcribe offline video, and also offer general voice assistant features.

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The app is now in the Microsoft Store, but unfortunately does not appear to do much yet on my Yoga, with the message:

This service is not available yet.

The app appears to be aimed mainly at the Chinese market, offering English/Chinese and Japanese translation.

It however also offers features such as voice typing which would use usable everywhere.

If you have better luck find it in the Store here. A recent non-store version can be found here.

Developer: LENOVO INC.
Price: Free

Via ALumia

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