Lenovo Smart Displays app hits the store, will make dual display management easy

by Surur
April 4, 2021
Lenovo smart displays

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Lenovo laptops are often used in corporate settings, where corridor warriors often have a second monitor on their desktop which they connect to when at their desk and then unplugs multiple times per day when roaming.

Lenovo understands the frustration of such users having to re-arrange their apps on the second screen each time they plug in again and have released a new app into the Store designed to preserve the layout of your apps between second monitor sessions.

Lenovo Smart display is a new PC app that allows users to easily manage the layout of various Windows applications residing in various displays.

In consists of three parts:

  • Application/display retention
  • ¬†Automatic creation of extended displays
  • Layout configuration

Smart Displays constantly monitor the placement of applications on displays and will keep track of all different display configurations. When a new configuration is detected, the app will search the stored configurations, and if a previous configuration is detected, the app will rearrange the windows based on the detected configuration

The arrival of the app in the Store is very helpful, as many companies do not allow the installation of apps from the web, but do allow Store installs.

The new app can be found in the Store here.

Smart Displays
Smart Displays
Developer: LENOVO INC.
Price: Free

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