Lenovo officially announces the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 with “retro” features

At an exclusive event in Japan, Lenovo today announced a limited-edition ThinkPad laptop to celebrate twenty-five years of ThinkPad. The ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 comes with “retro” ThinkPad features such as a backlit 7-row ThinkPad Classic keyboard, dedicated volume buttons, multiple status LEDs and a multicolor logo.

Despite including classic features, the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition is a modern laptop with latest internals. It comes with a Intel Core i7-7500U processor with discrete NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 512GB of internal SSD storage and a 14-inch full HD display with touch.

ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 will be available in limited quantities in select countries and it will cost $1899.

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