Lenovo Legion Go, the upcoming Steam Deck competitor leaked online

August 17, 2023
Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld Steam Deck competitor

If you are looking for the ultimate portable gaming device, you might want to check out the upcoming Lenovo’s Legion Go, a gaming handheld that promises to deliver amazing performance and features. Windows Report has revealed some of the official renders of this upcoming gaming handheld.

The Lenovo Legion Go will be competing with the growing gaming handheld market which is now dominated by Valve’s Steam Deck and ASUS’ Rog Ally. The Legion Go is powered by AMD’s new Phoenix processors and can run full Windows OS enabling gamers to run most of their popular games on the go.

According to the leaked renders, the Legion Go has shoulder buttons, side triggers, back triggers, 2 USB-C ports, a power button, a headphone jack, volume controls and a micro-SD slot. Also, like Nintendo Switch, the controllers on both sides of Legion Go can be removed and attached as per the preference.

Lenovo is expected to reveal this gaming handheld at IFA next month.

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