Lenovo envisions a future where you’ll be able to get a foldable laptop


20, 2017

Lenovo today unveiled an intriguing concept at its Transform event today in New York City. The PC maker showed off a new foldable laptop concept which you will be able to roll up. The foldable laptop, shown in the picture above, is just a concept for now and the company doesn’t even have an actual prototype for the concept as of yet. We’ve seen lots of smartphone concepts in the past with foldable screens, but none of them exist in reality just yet.

As it’s just a concept, for now, there isn’t a lot to know about the foldable laptop concept from Lenovo. The render that we get to see above interestingly doesn’t have a trackpad, and it’ll likely let users interact with the OS using their voice and stylus. The device will also be built with plastic and include a color display as you’d expect. It’ll also probably run Windows 10 if it’s ever actually developed, but we’re definitely a few years away from that.

I think it’s a cool idea, and will be even more awesome when something like this actually exists. Let the wait begin.

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