Learn quantum computing through a series of programming exercises from Microsoft


24, 2018

Author Pradeep // in News

Microsoft yesterday announced the release of Quantum Katas, a series of self-paced tutorials through which one can learn the elements of quantum computing and Q# programming at the same time. It includes many programming exercises that provide immediate feedback as you progress. Each kata offers a sequence of tasks on a certain quantum computing topic, starting from simple to challenging. Following topics are covered for now:

  • Basic quantum computing gates. Tasks which focus on main single-qubit and multi-qubit gates used in quantum computing.
  • Superposition. Tasks which focus on preparing a certain superposition state on one or multiple qubits.
  • Measurements. Tasks which focus on distinguishing quantum states using measurements.
  • Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm. Tasks which focus on writing quantum oracles which implement classical functions, and the Bernstein–Vazirani and Deutsch–Jozsa algorithms.

Learn more about Quantum Katas here.

Source: Microsoft

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