Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap gives us a peek into the future


27, 2011

Author Surur // in News, Rumour


For those who wonder what Microsoft’s game plan with Windows Phone is, this leaked roadmap should at least provide some pointers, up to date as of October 2011.

It lays the foundation with the release of Windows Phone 7 as a high end, differentiated product.  Mango followed in Q4 2011 with new features, languages and countries.

Tango, possibly to the disappointment of some, will concentrate on enabling Windows Phone 7 on low-end handsets for the “best prices” and will come in Q2 2012.

Things will get real with Apollo however, in Q4 2012, when Microsoft finally expects volume to increase (at least an indication of their expectations for Windows Phone sales for most of 2012), enable the release of high-end super phones (presumably with dual core and HD screens), and finally address the needs of business.

Does this roadmap satisfy our readers and finally provide a solution for slow Windows Phone sales? Let us know below.

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