Leaked video reveals Huawei Mate X final design and packaging


17, 2019

After repeated adjustments and improvements to sturdiness and durability; Huawei has finally commenced mass production of the Mate X, which is confirmed to be sold in China this month.  This comes after manufacturing difficulties back in June caused the initial launch date to be postponed.

In a leaked video from YouTube user Kim Poh Liaw, we can catch a glimpse of the design changes Huawei made to its Mate X.

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In the video, we see the new red button, which when pressed, pops the device open.  This prevents objects from lodging themselves between the phone during transport, which could potentially damage the screen.  The YouTuber also gives us a quick look at the protective case which came with the device.

Areamobile believes it’s a possibility that the internal hardware has been upgraded from the Kirin 980 SoC to the Kirin 990, which would make the Mate X 5G compatible.

Huawei Mate X is expected to launch outside of the domestic market sometime in November, for around $2,600; but details are yet to be confirmed.

Source: Areamobile

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