Many Tesla watchers have been waiting with bated breath for Tesla’s Battery Day, which is supposed to be some time in April.

At the event, Tesla is expected to announce the progress they have made into cheaper, denser and longer-lasting batteries.

Now sources have told Electrek that we can expect even more – that Tesla may show off a new home-grown battery pack installed in a Tesla car.

Developed under Project Roadrunner, Tesla’s secret project to make a $100/kwh battery for their vehicles, Tesla is apparently close to mass-producing a new battery which combines the technology developed in Canada led by Jeff Dahn and Maxwell’s dry electrode technology, and also chemistry developed in house, to produce cheaper, higher-density batteries. Tesla has been testing battery production at its Fremont facility, and has already made improvements to the process, moving from wire bonding to laser welding in its battery packs.

$100/kwh is expected to be the point at which electric cars cost the same as internal combustion vehicles, which is expected to lead to an explosion in EV sales.

Tesla’s Battery Day does not have a firm date yet, but it looks like it is likely to be an electrifying event.