Latest Windows 10 update destroys performance in games



Microsoft’s most recent update for Windows 10 has brought with it a disastrous problem: hugely decreased gaming performance.

Update KB4482887 may have introduced a large number of bug fixes to the OS, but its hit to gaming is massive. Many PC games have been affected with Destiny 2 being personally noted by Microsoft so its huge performance drop.

The Verge journalist Tom Warren took to Twitter to complain about the situation. According to Warren, the latest FPS drops in games are “crazy”.

Warren isn’t the only person to have suffered from these performance hits through the new update.

According to Gadget Bridge, users took to Reddit to complain about the problems. With lowered general performance, stuttering, input lag and sound lag all detailed in the comments, this update has been Hell for gamers. Streamers have also had issues with the update where their capture cards refuse to work.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has seen issues directly targeted at video games. Last year’s Creators Update saw many issues with gaming performance and so have many other updates.

Microsoft has admitted that this latest update is rife with problems and that they are working on a fix. For now, the company suggests rolling back your update for a smoother experience.

Source: Gadget Bridge

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