Latest Windows 10 Insider build now allows apps to access your notifications

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In the Windows 10 Anniversary update, Micrsoft has been improving Windows 10’s notification support, especially with regard to cross device notifications, Users are now able to sync their Android and Windows phones to their Windows 10 PCs by way of Cortana and Microsoft’s back-end infrastructure, now it appears Microsoft may be opening up that API for other ISVs to use.

In the newest Windows insider build, a new permission has been added to the privacy settings pane in Windows 10, adding the option to let apps access your notifications. While Android and iOS have had these capabilities before, Windows phones have not been able to do so without hacky workarounds by developers.

Of course, it is worth noting that while no app currently supports it at the moment, Microsoft is no doubt working with developers like Fitbit who will want to enhance their apps with notification mirroring and possibly even bring new features to the Microsoft Band.

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