Latest WhatsApp Beta update adds detailed call logs and more (Updated)


7, 2015

Author Anmol // in Apps


WhatsApp beta has just got another update for Windows Phone which introduces some significant changes with some handy features. The latest update adds detailed call log status with the data usage numbers. Coming next is the addition of new tones for VOIP services in the settings menu. This will give some more freedom to the users as they can customize the call tones.


Looking at the commitment of WhatsApp we can understand that it is planning for a huge update in near future. For now what do you think about this new change? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: It looks like WhatsApp had little more features in the bag for the Beta app than we covered above. On exploring more we found some more new features. The new features just spotted are the ability to specify a separate tones for calls/notifications for individual contact and/or group.

This will be a super helpful feature for everyone. Check the screenshots below.


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