Latest Steam Survey suggests gamers are rejecting Windows 10 wholesale


2, 2017

Gaming network Steam has released their hardware survey numbers for the month ending October 2017 and like many numbers in recent months, it does not read as good news for Microsoft’s latest operating system.

The numbers show a massive drop in the usage of Windows 10 amongst gamers, down 17.14% from last month, with Windows 7 surging 22.59%

As the graph above shows, this has actually been a trend for at least the last 3 months and appears to be accelerating.

Windows 7 64bit32.2632.0532.9135.0141.0163.6
Windows 1049.0550.3349.5950.0345.3728.23

We can only speculate on the reason, but it may be due to bugs introduced with the Creators Update which caused frame rate and other performance issues.

Have our readers made the switch back to Windows 7? Let us know why below.

The full dataset can be seen here.

Thanks Lol steam for the tip.

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