Latest Office Insider build for Windows comes with several new features

April 12, 2018

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Microsoft today released a new Office Insider Slow build for Windows desktop users. This build Version 1804 (Build 9226.xxxx) comes with several new features for Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Outlook along with bug fixes. Read about the new features below.

Insights (Excel): Is data analysis something you find intimidating? Worry no more! Insights helps you analyze your data in intelligent and personalized ways, and offers relevant learnings.

Listen to your emails (Outlook): Do you have your hands full? No problem! Let Outlook read your emails aloud, while highlighting as it’s read.

Never miss a reminder (Outlook): Choose to set reminders to pop up over windows you’re working in. Otherwise, Outlook will flash the taskbar to get your attention.

Mark deleted items as read (Outlook): You asked for it! You can now set any message that you delete as read. Opt in by clicking File > Options > Mail.

Convert your ink (PowerPoint): Take scribbled notes and drawings, and convert them into readable text and crisp shapes to create a polished presentation.

Task board filtering (Project): You asked for it! Streamline your task boards by filtering on key resources or summary tasks.

Set percent complete from a task board (Project): Choose a percent complete for each column, and then update task completion with drag-and-drop.

Sprint navigation (Project): We heard you! You can now switch from one sprint view to another, and quickly move between sprints.

You can learn more about these features here.

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