Latest NetMarketShare numbers show a rise in Windows 10

NetMarketShare has released new numbers for the month of May and they show a slight increase in the Windows 10 Market Share. However, there’s a major drop in the market share of Windows 7. Coming to the browsers, Google Chrome sees an increase in market share while the market share for Mozilla Firefox drop.

According to the numbers, Windows 10 sees a rise in the market share this month. Last month Windows 10 was running on 33.81% machines which increased to 34.74% this month. Also, Windows 8.1 saw an increase from 5.25% to 5.36% and Windows XP rose from 4.36% to 5.04% However, Windows 7 saw a drop from 43.457% to 41.79%.

Coming to browsers, Google Chrome rose from 61.69% to 62.85%. Also, Firefox dropped from 10.17% to 9.92% and Microsoft Edge saw a decline from 4.45% to 4.26%.

These numbers are decent in comparison to last month’s report but Microsoft needs to get it together in the browsers department as users still seem to prefer Google Chrome.

Source: NetMarketShare