Latest Microsoft patent shows off an way to blur the differences between a Surface Pen and an ink pen

by Rahul
July 19, 2019

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According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, ink pen is one of the things that will no longer be in use in the future. They will be replaced by what they called “Digital pens,” and while we aren’t even remotely close to that future yet, Microsoft’s efforts on improving the digital pen experience keeps on growing with each passing day.

Microsoft seems to be in the process of developing “a modular capsule,” a patent of which has been filed. The modular capsule is meant to improve the overall pen experience. These modular capsules will remain inserted inside the pen and it will make you feel that you’re using an ink pen or pencil, something that we use on a daily basis.

Surface Pen

A capsule of a stylus for operation with a digitizer device, the capsule comprising: a generally cylindrical housing tapered at a tip end and formed from plastics material; a stylus tip comprising a shaft extending along a longitudinal axis of the interior of the housing and protruding from the tip end of the housing, the stylus tip comprising a tip antenna; at least one antenna printed on an outer surface of the housing; and wherein the capsule is a single entity sized and shaped to fit within a plurality of different styli housings.

In the patent description, Microsoft also said:

In the case of the capsule of FIG. 1B the pressure sensor is external to the capsule. In the case of the capsule of FIG. 1C the pressure sensor is within the capsule. However, in both cases, the capsule contains moving components since the shaft moves slightly, back and forth along its longitudinal axis, and slightly side to side as lateral forces are exerted on the tip. One or more bearing surfaces in the capsule act to minimize the side to side movement and to convey the forces along the longitudinal axis of the shaft 108. By having the bearing surfaces in the capsule manufacturing is simplified as compared with having the bearing done on different parts. Note that it is not essential for the capsule to comprise a pressure sensor and that the pressure sensor of FIG. 1B may be omitted

We still don’t know whether we’d see such advancement in the future Surface Pens, but given the fact that Microsoft has filed a patent application, we might see future Surface pen become more ink pen-like.

via: WindowsLatest

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