Latest Microsoft layoff: Job cuts in cloud services sales dept, LinkedIn’s recruiting team

February 15, 2023

Microsoft continues to lay off some employees as part of its recent announcement to cut 4.5% of its workforce population. A new report revealed that the company’s LinkedIn was the one that took the hit this week alongside Microsoft’s cloud services sales department. (The Information)

The layoff at LinkedIn happened amid the hiring slowdown still being imposed. No exact number of employees was mentioned in the report, but those affected were said to be from the company’s recruiting department. The decision was confirmed on Monday, and a day after that, the layoff spread to Microsoft’s cloud services sales division. The individuals axed were the sales specialists of Microsoft offering its cloud services, such as Azure server rentals and Microsoft 365 productivity apps. In total, this left another 150 individuals jobless.

Prior to these reports, The Information shared that Microsoft killed its Industrial Metaverse Core team it created four months ago, resulting in the layoffs of 100 individuals. Last week, GitHub was also greatly affected by the job cut. According to Tech Crunch, 10% of Microsoft’s GitHub workforce was axed. With about 3,000 employees, this translates to at least 300 individuals. The hiring freeze at GitHub also continues alongside the decision to make the workforce fully remote to help the company save further.

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