Latest Here Maps update disables the app for Windows 10 users [Update: Use Windows Maps in the interim]


Here Maps has received an update in the Windows store for Windows 10 devices that is quite peculiar.

The Windows Phone app displays no new features or bug fixes, rather it instead shows an error message to users who try to use the app saying “To continue, you’ll need to download the newer better version of Here Maps for the latest version of Windows Phone”. Tapping OK simply closes the store, and searching for Here yields nothing in the store. This possibly hints that Here is on the verge of providing a new Windows 10 universal Windows app sometimes soon, or it could just be a push to use Windows Maps.

Either way, we’ve reached out to the Here team on twitter and we’ll update this post with any new information.

Update: Here recommends you use the Windows Maps app in the interim due to a store bug hiding their app.

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