Latest AdDuplex data shows Nokia Lumia 520 is now 27% of WP8 market, Possible Nokia 1080P phablets coming to AT&T and Verizon


AdDuplex have released data from their monthly survey of the devices connected to their mobile ad network, and as usual it casts an interesting light into the real Windows Phone market out there.

The stats show the continuing ascendency of the Nokia Lumia 520, which is now 18% of all Windows Phones in  use, and 27% of all Windows Phone 8 handsets in use ie. close to 1/5 Windows Phones are the 520 and 1/3 Windows Phones sold in the last year are the 520, making it a certified Windows Phone hit.

Overall 57% of Windows Phone 8 handsets in use are 512 MB handsets, showing both that low-end handset sales are strong, but that there still remains a strong representation by the high-end market also. At present Windows Phone 8 handsets are 65% of the phones in use, with Nokia having 86.9% of the WP8 market at present.


In India, the 4th largest smartphone market in the world, the NL 520 is 36% of the market, and the NL 720 14%. AdDuplex notes there appears to be a preference for large-screened Windows Phones there, which should bode well for the success of the NL 625.

Talking about large-screened handsets, AdDuplex spotted the RM-937 which is a Nokia handset with a 150 scale factor, suggesting either a 720P screened handset (unlikely) or a new 1080P phablet.

The Nokia RM-927 also showed up on Verizon, while the RM-940 showed up on AT&T, all with the same scale factor. The handsets run 8.0.10492.

The RM-955 had a more conventional WXGA screen, suggesting a high end variant for China, likely of the 1020.

In addition Samsung may be surprising us with their own phablet, as the 150 scale factor Samsung SGH-I187  shows up on AT&T.  On the other hand this could simply be a AT&T version of the ATIV S Neo.

Either way it appears with many new models are on their way in the next 3 months, the last part of the year will likely be pretty exciting for Windows Phone fans.