Microsoft’s Albert Penello and Larry Hryb discuss benefits of Xbox One X for new and existing gamers

Are you a new gamer or don’t game at all? Are you curious about the Xbox One X? Well, Microsoft provided a great interview with Xbox’s Albert Penello who discusses the new console, how to identify 4K games versus just Xbox One X Enhanced titles. He also talks about the advantages Xbox One X brings to 1080p displays through the process of supersampling. While the download sizes on Xbox One X may be around 30% larger, it’s still worth it.

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If you’re interested in the Xbox One X be sure to watch this interview. Additionally, you can preorder the standard Xbox One X here which went up for preorder today. Many retailers and some countries outside of the United States still have them in stock so be sure to act quick. The Xbox One X definitely seems like the it’s off to a great started based on this response from gamers.

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