Knock-off Surface Studio will only cost $1,549



Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 went on sale earlier this year; featuring an adjustable 28″ PixelSense Display, 35% faster performance and 50% more graphics performance than the original.

The £3,549 price tag is, however, enough to put most people off- and that’s for the 16 GB RAM Intel Core i7 one.  The 1TB Intel Core i7 32GB RAM version is an eye-watering £4,249, and the 2TB Intel Core i7 32GB RAM version is £4,749.

OGadget has taken the opportunity to sell their own 32″ 4K Touchscreen PC on Crowdfunder, for a fraction of the price- only $1,549.

The device actually includes the same “flexible zero-gravity hinge” as the Surface Studio.

Adjustable angle range from 15° to 95° , you can freely switch between desktop mode and tablet mode.

While the appearance is remarkably similar, it falls short when it comes to functionality.

Check out the comparison below:

However, if the main reason you would like the surface studio is for its amazing design, this seems like a great way to get it on the cheap (unless Microsoft has something to say about it).  You can register your interest on their website to receive updates regarding availability.

Source: drwindows

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