Kingdom Hearts 3’s first piece of DLC has just been announced.

Announced at the recent Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres in Tokyo, Japan, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be be treated to its first DLC chapter sometime soon.

Titled ReMIND, players can expect to see an Additional Scenario (ReMIND) alongside a Limit Episode and Secret Episode. Both of these additional episodes comes with their own bosses. Japanese players will also get access to the English voice acting, although it isn’t known if we’ll get the opposite.

Paid DLC isn’t the only announcement though. Those who own Kingdom Hearts 3 will gain access to a new Keyblade and Form through an upcoming update.

Prices and release dates weren’t announced for the free or paid content. Expect to hear more news in the coming months.

Kingdom Hearts 3, much like Final Fantasy XV before it, is a game that could benefit heavily from some story DLC. While we did love the game when we reviewed it, there are some key story elements that could be expanded upon through DLC. Once all this DLC is over and done with, we could even see a Final Mix variant, just like its predecessors.

For those who already own Kingdom Hearts 3, check out the game’s all-new Critical Mode update.

Source: Twitter