Kindle coming to Windows Mobile

wmkindle So claims the tea-leave readers at Businessweek, who are looking at Amazon’s Kindle strategy and clues from their job postings.

Windows Mobile users have been missing out on many services which Amazon has provided to other smartphone OS’s, such as the Amazon MP3 store on Android or the Kindle app for the iPhone.

Amazon has however been expanding its team of mobile engineers and also gaining outside help from acquisitions. The goals may be to sell new programs that can run on Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, make Amazon’s digital titles available for more devices, and ring up revenue from sales of mobile applications, say several software executives and analysts.

An executive at one mobile-phone software vendor also says Amazon may be considering making its Kindle mobile bookstore available for a greater range of handheld computers. In March the store became accessible via an iPhone app.

Amazon lists 17 open mobile-related positions on its Web site, including for software engineers, a senior product manager for mobile payments, and a director of mobile applications. One job ad says Amazon expects its hire to "develop partnerships with mobile companies." Another posting seeks applicants who can write programs for Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Mobile operating system.

Amazon declined to comment on its mobile-software ambitions. "We don’t discuss future plans or developments," spokeswoman Cinthia Portugal says in an e-mail to Businessweek.

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