Khan Academy expels their Windows app, cites low usage


The educational service Khan Academy will be leaving the Windows  store in a matter of days. Due to resource constraints, the firm is unable to guarantee a “high-quality experience” , the decision is made even harder by the small userbase of the service which is not enough to justify the expense to the firm.

Here’s their statement below:

Heads up that the Khan Academy app for Windows devices will be removed from the app store in early October.  If you have the app downloaded to your device, you’ll still be able to use it after this happens, but if you delete it you won’t be able to add it again.

We don’t currently have the resources to guarantee a high quality experience in this product, especially given its small user base, so the decision was made to sunset the app rather than extend a promise of a high-quality learning experience that couldn’t actually be delivered on.

That said, if you have any additional thoughts or reactions on this, please let us know here.

While the Windows 10 Store is indeed featuring more engagement than the older Windows 8 store, not many users make use of the apps in the store – referring to use the web for many features, as well as the  basic built-in apps Microsoft offers. As a result, investing in Microsoft’s Windows Store is a risk for al but the largest companies and hobbyist developers. Of course, it is entirely possible that if Khan Academy had supported Windows 10 via UWP, they would have seen more engagement due to the presence of phones, as well as the nature of their content, being more suitable for the TV via the Xbox. However, the decision has been made. Should you want to access the app, you can download it from the store link below – but you’ll have to hurry.

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