The Kemco 50 RPGs celebratory bundle for Xbox is almost here

August 2, 2023
kemco 50 rpgs celebratory bundle

The Kemco 50 RPGs Celebratory Bundle will be available on August 3, 2023, on the Xbox Store, and it comes as a gift to celebrate both Kemco’s 40th anniversary next year and the fact that the studio has recently released their 50th game on Xbox.

The 50 RPGs Celebratory Bundle will be available to Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X, and it will contain, of course, dozens of RPGs for you to try and play and end up loving.

There are a lot of excellent titles in this bundle that you should try. For example, Overrogue from Exe Create Inc., a deck-building roguelike RPG; Gale of Windoria, a classical fantasy RPG from Hit-Point Co.,Ltd.; World Wide Software’s Legend of Ixtona, a quarter-view simulation RPG; Rideon’s acclaimed Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom RPG; Asobox Co., Ltd.’s The Smile Alchemist, which is a simulation-game-like RPG; and there’s even ArcticNet’s RPGolf Legends, which combines RPG elements with golf.

You should also know that the Kemco 50 RPGs celebratory bundle for Xbox will only be available for 50 days after its release on August 3, so make sure you take some time to go through the titles. We recommended you some of the best titles from this bundle, but there are many more which are equally interesting.

Each title would take up to 15 hours to complete, so there will be a lot of time to spend on them if you’re trying to play them all. However, you should go for the ones that spark an interest in you. The Kemco 50 RPGs celebratory bundle will have games that span different genres, such as fantasy, sport, simulation, and so on.

Which one will you play? Let us know in the comments section below and happy gaming!

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