Kaspersky: “The most dangerous scenario is with iPhones”, Windows Phone “so far very clean.”


10, 2015

Kaspersky slide

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the virus company has spoken at a conference in Australia and expressed his opinion about malware, and has some praise for Microsoft for both Windows and Windows Phone.

“All systems are vulnerable to modern threats,” he said, revealing that about 5% of PCs are infected with malware, but he noted  “Windows is a much better operating system than the rest (iOS, OS X and Android) and Microsoft is tightening it up much more in the next version.”

He added that Mac (OS X) and iOS was a huge target. “Windows engineers are easy to find, Mac not so. That only makes iOS and OS X attacks more costly. Criminals are obsessed with iOS and there are many, many vulnerabilities,” he said.

On Mobile he noted “the most dangerous scenario is with iPhones. It is less probable because it is very difficult to develop malware for iPhones, because the operating system is closed to outside programmers. But every system has a vulnerability. If it happens—in the worst-case scenario, if millions of the devices are infected—there is no antivirus, because antivirus companies do not have any rights to develop true end-point security for Apple.

Android was equally dangerous, he continued, with “more and more – millions of brutal attacks – not safe” while Windows Phone was “so far very clean.”

He stated that Mobile was the new attack vector with stats showing 97% of users did mobile banking or some other activity that revealed passwords.

With the unification of Windows desktop and mobile we hope than Windows 10 will see both become even safer platforms.  Read the full article at ITWire here.

[source link=”http://www.itwire.com/business-it-news/security/68320-lunch-with-eugene-kaspersky-master-of-the-dark-side”]ITwire.com[/source]

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