Kantar June US numbers show reduced Windows Phone market share on Verizon


Kantar has now also released their June report focussing on the US market. Their data is derived from more than 240,000 interviews per year in the U.S. alone.

In the 3 months ending June 2013 Windows Phone slipped back from a high of 5.6% market share in April 2013 to only 4.0% in June.

Looking at the individual operators it seems Windows Phone has been pretty stable on AT&T, holding 4.5% market share, only slightly down from 4.7% in April 2013 when US carrier numbers were last released.


It is however on Verizon where we see the source of the problem. 

There Windows Phone held 5.0% market share in June, admitted upped massively from 0.3% a year ago, but down significantly from 6.8% in April this year.


The issue is unfortunately amplified by the fact that Verizon sells nearly 40% more smartphones than AT&T, meaning a reduced market share there has a much greater impact on the US market than on AT&T.


Unfortunately AT&T has been Microsoft’s closest partner in the US, despite Verizon currently selling more Windows Phones, and we would suggest releasing top end handsets on all carriers may be a better approach that favouring AT&T with the best hardware the earliest.

Source: Kantar Wordpanel