June Software announces the launch of the Think Game

San Francisco – 27 Feb 2014 – June Software – the studio behind the number 1 movie trivia game – “Guess the Movie?” launched its latest offering to the public – Think. The game is an audacious attempt to explore new frontiers with word puzzles. “We see symbols and icons around us every minute of our lives. Each and every one of these symbols mean something and tell a story. Our goal was to build a game in which we – the designers – attempt to communicate with the players using only symbols.” – the principal designer of Think said.

Spread over 360 puzzles in 30 levels, the game starts off by familiarizing the player with common symbols that we see around us. The game attempts to ask the user to guess words and phrases from over ten categories which include objects, actions, abstract concepts, films, books, phrases and TV shows.

The game design is very minimal and slick – using only three colors throughout.

The Think game also features an immersive soundtrack by award winning sound designer Jim Guthrie which helps drawing players in.

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See some screen shots and promo videos after the break.

A few screenshots from the game:

Promo Video

Think Game - Now at an App Store near you

Gameplay Video

Android Apps: #55 Think (New Nexus 7 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4)