Joe Marini, Windows Phone Program Manager No Longer Works At Microsoft


Principal Program Manager at Microsoft for Web platform on Windows Phone Joe Marini is no longer part of Microsoft. Joe even had a session at BUILD conference last week. Geekwire reports that it have confirmed with Microsoft spokeswoman that Joe is now not at Microsoft. Geekwire went on to add that ,According to its insider sources Marini resigned after learning that he would be let go for improper use of social media and disclosure of confidential information. The confidential information they are referring to is about Nokia Windows Phone which he tweeted about its camera performance and even rated it.

From Geekwire,

Microsoft’s social media and blogging policy (PDF) calls on its employees to “be smart” and not disclose information in tweets or posts that would otherwise be considered confidential.

We are yet to hear from Joe Marini himself on what happened at Microsoft and the reason for leaving Microsoft.