Joe Belfiore Reveals Windows 10 Build 9841, Includes New Start Menu, Windowed Modern Apps And More

Windows 10 Start Menu

Today, Windows user experience chief Joe Belfiore took stage to demo the upcoming Windows 10 at the press event. He did the demo using Windows 10 build 9841. He started by talking about the new Start Menu which includes Live Tiles as well as Windows 7 style app list. You can pin Live Tiles, resize them or completely remove them based on your preference. He also demoed the new windowed modern apps which can be snapped along with the classic desktop apps. Just like in Windows 8 Start screen, Windows 10 Start menu offers universal search that includes web search results as well.

Windows 10 Snap Assist

He also revealed the new Task View which can be activated by clicking the button in the task bar. Task View allows you to switch between multiple desktops. There is another cool feature called Snap Assist which lets you choose between opened apps when you snap an app to the side.

Image Credit: The Verge

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