Job Post Confirms Shared Application Marketplace Between Nokia And Microsoft




Almost two weeks back I came across a Job post from Microsoft Careers site and I missed the important part of the job post. The job post confirms the integrated marketplace experience between Nokia’s content,app marketplace and Microsoft’s. I still didn’t understand how its going to be implemented differing from the regular OEM’s marketplace experience. May be Nokia’s Ovi Music partnerships around the world transferred to Microsoft’s Zune marketplace or just wallpapers, themes,ringtones,etc from Nokia’s Ovi store to be integrated into Zune marketplace? What do you think?

Thanks to Mobile Tech World for reminding me.

Full job post after the break.

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 748671
Product: Windows Phone
Division: Mobile Communication Business

Microsoft + Nokia partnership is a big bet on us creating a vibrant ecosystem for mobile developers. You are invited to create software to power the application marketplace for this alliance.
We are looking for a seasoned developer who excels in design, coding, and delivery of great software service. Just last week Nokia and Microsoft announced a broad sweeping worldwide partnership>. The Commerce Services development team in Windows Phone Services will develop the service software to power the shared application marketplace for Nokia and Microsoft alliance. You will explore, prototype and design the integration between two marketplaces. Your job will entain creating a consistent set of APIs, workflow systems, and data systems. You will partner with end-user expeirence teams to deliver seemless developer and end-user experience. You will get exposure to worldwide developer demands hungry to create 1000s of applications for the application marketplaces. Take this job and make history with your awesome contributions.
I am looking for a developer who can design well, think broadly, and code well. You will drive the integration architecture, API designs, data driven system design, and develop high quality services that runs worldwide. You need to have maturity to cut through ambiguity and arrive at elegant solutions. You will be called on to mentor junior developers and help create a high performing team environment. You also will be exposed to the challenging opportunities that are part of being in a highly competitive industry for the phone services.
Your qualifications should include 8+ years of softwarew development being part of a couple of versions of shipping products. You understand managed code APIs and design framework. You have strong grounding in data designs and passion for handling integration designs. You enjoy sharing your knowledge with other developers and testers to make others great. It is preferable for you to have had experience working with external companies in developing cross-company products. It is desirable for you to have expeirence in developing and running services software including workflow software. A BS or MS in computer science or related discipline is preferred.

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