Job listings suggests Microsoft has not finished developing the Surface Duo camera

by Surur
February 10, 2020

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The Surface Duo is expected to launch at the end of this year, and ever since the device was introduced to us we have been hearing conflicting reports about one of its most important features – the main camera.

When the device was shown off it did not, in fact, feature any main camera, only a selfie camera, and we were told good cameras were not important for a productivity device.

Then in October last year, Microsoft’s Surface chief, Panos Panay, confirmed that the showcased model is incomplete, and Microsoft was  “working on a world-class camera”.

It seemed we missed one implication of that statement – that Microsoft had not yet settled in a development course, and a job posting from January 15th 2020 suggests Microsoft may still now have a clear idea of its direction.

The posting for a Camera Hardware Architect/Lead says:

The Surface camera team is recruiting for a camera hardware architect to lead the development of high performance camera subsystems. The selected candidate will lead a team in the design, development and delivery of camera modules that meet system and performance requirements utilizing state of the art packaging and actuator technologies. Applicants should have knowledge of RGB, IR, 3D and multi sensor camera systems and leadership skills to work with product teams to develop innovative camera solutions meeting ID (industrial design) and ME (mechanical engineering) constraints as well as EMI (electromagnetic interference), thermal and reliability requirements.

This is not exactly confidence-inspiring only a few months before the device is set to enter production to be ready to hit shelved by the end of the year.

Of course, Microsoft’s ideas do sound ambitious, and the job posting notes “the selected candidate will also be responsible for the development and presentation of multi-year camera technology roadmaps that meet customer experience and business needs.” Microsoft could also be talking about the camera in the Surface Pro 8, but I suspect, compared to our phones,  most of us could not care less about the camera in our tablet.

Do our readers worried about the camera in the Surface Duo, or are Microsoft right and a productivity device does not need a good camera? Let us know below.

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