Japanese Microsoft website leaks new WindowsPhone.com features


Nanapho.jp have uncovered more leaked Windows Phone 7.5 info.

This time, hidden in a guide for changing the language of the windowsphone.live.com/Home site to Japanese we see a screen shot of the WindowsPhone.com website which is not in fact live, and it shows several new features.

Firstly, it shows that users will be able to see their purchase history on the WindowsPhone.com website, and also re-install apps en masse from the site itself.  It also shows that videos will now also be synched to SkyDrive and be playable from the WindowsPhone.com website.  You can also get to your Office docs from the website directly.

The header also shows a link to Marketplace, making it clear we are seeing the new web-based Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Todd Brix had promised some time ago.

I expect these features will go live soon, as the mass of Windows Phone 7.5 handsets arrive.

Read more at Nanapho.jp here.